Token Collecting

Token and coin collecting has become an extremely popular hobby area of late, many people have collected coins for years but a distinct niche with this hobby area has emerged and that is collecting tokens.

Token CollecitngTokens that have been used to represent currency. Even within this niche there are many sub niches and some people specialise even further, one such sub niche is transportation tokens collecting. These are  sometimes called Transit tokens or Bus tokens.

To give you some idea just in this one niche a single collector collected more than 12,000 different United States Transportation tokens. This is just one collector, who is collecting just one niche of tokens for a single country.  Imagine the possibilities for a worldwide collection of transport tokens.

Often tokens from this and other niches can be collected for as little as $1, the internet is a great place to search and in fact we have managed to bring together a huge collection of tokens for sale in this site.

Junk shops, car trunk sale, garage sales and antique fairs are also great places for token collectors to hunt.

There are so many areas of collecting in the exonumia collecting arena that it is hard to list them all, but we have given you a view ideas in the list below.

  • Civil War Storecard Tokens
  • Trading sales tax tokens
  • Ggood-for tokens
  • Commercial, mining tokens
  • Antarctic exonumia
  • Amusement tokens
  • Casino tokens
  • Encased coins
  • Cracker jack cancelled coins
  • Magician tokens
  • Ceylon coffee tokens
  • Ventriloquist's tokens
  • Parking tokens
  • Toy Money
  • Phone Tokens
  • Metro Tokens
  • Car Wash Tokens
  • Peep Show Tokens
  • Arcade Tokens

Whatever form of token you are looking for we should have some details on it within this site, so please feel free to have a look around and use the search facility in the top right hand side of the site.